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Windows 11 Activation Key Free (PRO Ultimate Enterprise): Microsoft hasn’t changed its tradition of delivering twice-yearly major feature updates that upgrade the current version of Windows 11 to the latest. And each of you who wants to update the system to a new version can do this by installing the latter from scratch, or by updating with saving everything that is in the system – the user profile, settings, installed programs, personal files on the C drive.

Windows 11 Product Key 64 bit Free 2021

Here, in fact, we will talk about the latest version of getting the latest version of Windows 11 keys below. You can get a new version of the system by updating in four different ways. Windows 11 is a capricious thing, not everything goes smoothly in its work, and it needs to be updated twice a year.

Updating Windows 11 to the latest version

So, the process of updating Windows 11 to the latest version, what is important to know about it? In any case, this process is a risk. Potentially, after the update, the system may start working with brakes, bugs, there may be problems with drivers and the operation of individual computer devices. It is always better to roll up an updated version of Windows 11 cleanly, with disk C formatting. And in order not to do this every six months, we can install a new version once a year or a year and a half. In 2019, Microsoft canceled the obligation to install semi-annual large-scale updates during the support life of the current version of Windows 11, which is mainly 18 months from the date of the release of this version. Now, within these 18 months, updating to the latest version is a voluntary matter initiated by us, the users. Knowing your version, then to find out the end date of support for your version of Windows 11, see the article on the site ”How to find out the date of final support for the desired version of Windows 11″. If you nevertheless decide to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 11 activation key, I strongly recommend that you first look at the publication of our website “How to Install Windows 11 Functional Updates correctly” . In it you will find a manual for rolling back the updated version to the original one in case of an unsuccessful update, recommendations on the update process itself and creating a system backup before this risky event.

Updating Windows 11 to the latest version?

So, updating Windows 11 to the latest version. This process, as mentioned, has risks, but it also has a huge advantage in the form of keeping our computer working. We do not need to reinstall anything, re-configure the system, look for important data on the C drive and place it somewhere during the reinstallation of the system. Get Free Windows 11 Activator.

Windows 11 installation ISO

  • The first is downloading an update from the Internet or preparing a local installer (if we are upgrading from an installation ISO). There will be different mechanisms here, depending on the chosen update method, in fact, which we will talk about below when considering these methods themselves;

  • The second is the installation of the update, it usually takes place in pre-boot mode, on a blue background with an indicator of the installation progress.

  • The third is the introduction of updates, usually in the same pre-boot mode, against a lilac background with an indicator of the progress of work with updates;

  • The fourth is the pre-final stage, here the user profile is already involved, and the latest updates are carried out, including the profile;

  • The fifth is the final stage.

And that’s it: next we will see the Windows 11 activation key desktop in its new version.

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